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This page was last updated on: September 14, 2020
Registration times -

 Please note registration times, registration and the course will not open until 7am and those showing up after the posted finish times will not be allowed to shoot.  Target pickup begins 30 minutes after closing, at target number one (1).  If the signs say "start other side first" this is why. 
There are no exceptions to these rules.

Iowa Bowhunters Association
The Johnson County Archers are Proud to be an IBA 100% Club!
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The JCA is honored to be sponsored by Fin & Feather. Click to visit their website or visit them in person at; 
125 Hwy 1 West
Iowa City, IA 52246
319- 354-2200
The calendar shows the IBA's calendar in pink, Holidays in a red'ish color and the JCA's calendar in green.
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Sponsors and Friends
Waltonian Archers of Linn County
Archery Club
Border Brigade Archery - Webster City
Washington Co. Archers
Dubuque Field Archers INC
Iowa Traditional Bowhunters Society
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Due to Extensive Storm Damage,
The University of Iowa has closed the entire park until further notice.

the Johnson County Archers - Since 2001
2095 Mehaffey Bridge Rd NE North Liberty, Iowa
An IBA 100% Club 


The JCA is proud to now offer NASP catagories durring our 3D shoots.
Click here to find out more.