Membership basics;
Cost per year (except lifetime) $30 Adult, $45 Family, $20 Junior & $750 Lifetime
Includes membership in the Iowa Bowhunters Association, The Iowa Bowhunters Association is a state wide association made up of Bowhunters. Its purpose is to protect, defend, and promote bowhunting in the state of Iowa.
Includes; access to the shooting tower and side bails on the practice range and discounted JCA shoot prices.  Plus you help support the JCA and it's efforts to maintain the range for public use.
The JCA has four meetings per year and they are anounced on the schedule.
Curently the only way to apply and pay for membership is by mail or in person at a meeting or shoot.  We cannot accept payment via the internet.
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the Johnson County Archers - Since 2001
2095 Mehaffey Bridge Rd NE North Liberty, Iowa
An IBA 100% Club    

Who are we and why should you care.
The Johnson County Archers, also known as the JCA, are a group of area archers who maintain the archery range at the University of Iowa’s McBride Nature Recreation Area, MNRA, for public use.  We also host several public 3D shoots at the archery range each year.
You should care about us if you are an archer and utilize the range at MNRA, or if you appreciate the free public access to an archery range.  Schools, youth groups, and the UI’s various wildlife camps use the range throughout the summer. 
The JCA maintains all archery facilities at the range without any financial support from the UI, their contribution is allowing us the use the area.  Maintaining the practice range and two timber courses are a large task for the small group of volunteers and a major cost for us.  The practice range sees large numbers of archers in the fall and spring causing considerable wear and tear on the targets and stands that hold them. In addition to normal wear from being shot and exposed to the weather, vandalism is a regular occurrence.  The JCA’s ability to maintain a full practice range has diminished over the years as membership and participation in 3D shoots has fallen off as those are our only funding sources.
If you are an archer and appreciate having a place to shoot please consider contributing to our efforts.  Join the JCA or drop some cash in the donation box at the range.  Money from the donation box goes straight to the JCA, it’s our box and the money stays with us.
Membership is a good way to help support the JCA and archery in general. Currently the JCA is an IBA 100% club meaning all JCA members are IBA members. The IBA is a statewide association of bowhunters who promote and defend bowhunting and archery in the state.