Standards of Conduct
It is the responsibility of each member to promote and protect the fiscal, organizational and social integrity of the Johnson County Archers.  We are fortunate to have an organization composed of quality individuals who have established rules and standards that, if followed, will ensure the integrity of the Johnson County Archers.  The standards of the organization and our adherence to them, in large part determines our character as perceived by our peers and the community.  The quality of an organization like the Johnson County Archers is the sum total of it's membership.  All of us must recognize that conduct that is detrimental to the Club may result in disciplinary action, up to and including expulsion from membership.  All members are expected to meet the following standards of conduct.  Each member has the obligation to contribute to the club in a positive manner.  This list is not intended to be all inclusive, but outlines many of the expectations for the conduct of our members.  As a member you have the obligation to:

*Be familiar with, follow and enforce all of the Clubs safety regulations, By-Laws and club rules, and report any violations or unauthorized use of the range or Club property to the Board of Directors.

*Be responsible for and not misuse Johnson County Archers property, facilities, records or any other materials to which you have been granted access or which may be in your care, custody or control.

*Keep your commitments to participate in the work parties and any other club activities for which you are obligated or have volunteered.

*Interact with other members, the Board of Directors and the community in a courteous, honest and ethical manner.

*Conduct yourself in a professional manner while in club meetings and club events.

*Notify the Secretary if there is a change in personal data, such as address, telephone number or name.

*Refrain from restricting, interrupting or interfering with the authorized  use of the range and facilities by other members or patrons.  

*In general, refrain from conduct which may be detrimental to the good of the organization.  

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Club Rules

Club Rules

1.  No consumption or possession of alcoholic beverages will be allowed on the range property.

2.  No smoking on the property except in designated areas.

3.  No containers or trash (including cigarette butts) will be left on the range, please use trash cans.

4.  No firearms are allowed on the range (except hand drawn bows).

5.  No broadheads may be used except in designated areas.

6.  No hunting is allowed on the range property.

7.  Vehicles must remain in designated parking areas.

8.  All minors on the property must be in the presence and active oversight of a responsible adult.

9.  No overnight camping allowed.

10.  No illegal activities allowed on the property.

11.  No trees will be cut, removed, or impacted in any way without specific written permission from the University of Iowa, U.S. Army Corps of Engineers and the Board of Directors.

14.  Most importantly, Have a great time.

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